About us

The word Zolal means “Royalty of the Mizo people” and is also a combination of the co-owners names. Zolal Spa is owned by two Mizo ladies with more than a dozen years of experience in the industry. The massages have been crafted with a mix of classical techniques combined with special unique movements, giving a very different and soothing feel, while completely working the muscles, resulting in an experience like no other.


All the treatments at Zolal Spa are carried out using great quality products by therapists who have been specifically trained by us in our own techniques. Each treatment room is designed to be relaxing, luxurious and functional, with a personal steam and shower room.

Spa Interior




Massage Benefits

The physical benefits of massage are varied and very important for the overall well-being of the body. First and foremost is that Body Massage reduces muscle tension. There is an improved circulation followed by stimulation of the lymphatic system. By undertaking a massage therapy the stress hormones are significantly reduced with increased joint mobility and flexibility, resulting in a refreshed feeling. Improvement of skin tone and a speedier healing of soft tissue injuries are the added benefits.

After a full body massage, there is a heightened mental alertness. There is prompt release of endorphins, followed by soothing feelings of wellbeing. When the hands of the skilled massage therapist slip over the skin a feeling of bliss and tranquility along with improved vitality are felt.