Body Wraps

Purifying Brown Mud Body Wrap

This mud body wrap is a combination of cedar wood, cypress and patchouli with brown mud. This wrap stimulates the blood circulation and renewal of skin cells by streaming oxygen into the skin and giving it a radiant and healthy glow.

Hydra – Quench Mineral Body Wrap

A mineral wrap made from black terra, Himalayan water, ginger and cinnamon, this super charged wrap offers hydration to dry skin and nurtures with essential minerals for a firm and balanced skin.

Marine Mud Wrap

Get wrapped in marine mud with its excellent detoxifying property that draws impurities out of your body and feeds your skin with all the good sea minerals for a healthy skin.

Vanilla & Coco Wrap

Pamper yourself with our soothing body wrap infused with pure cocoa and vanilla for a firm, nourishing and deeply luxurious body treatment.

Fresh Fruit Whitening Wrap

This body wrap is prepared using fresh seasonal fruits which are high in anti-oxidants and skin brightening Vitamins. Papaya enzyme is also added to supercharge the natural fruit mix. This is a great anti-aging, skin lightening wrap for all skin types.