Scrubs and Polishes

Stimulating Herbs Scrub

A blend of lemongrass, rosemary and juniper makes for an exhilarating exfoliant. This water based scrub is uniquely formulated to smoothen rough body skin while allowing the natural essential oils to penetrate the skin for deep nourishment.

Coffee and Salt Scrub

The stimulating caffeine benefits skin by drawing out toxins from the body, and the rich aroma of coffee helps stimulate the mind and is very uplifting.

Rice and Oats Scrub

A mild scrub made with natural soft abrasives gently removes dead skin cells, grime and pollutants. Refreshes the body and leaves the skin feeling incredibly clean and alive.

Apricot and Lemongrass Scrub

Apricot, known for its exfoliating property works intensely to get rid of damaged skin cells. Thus ensuring a healthier and softer skin surface, while the essential oil from lemongrass pampers the senses.

Spice Scrub

This revitalizing scrub has the right blend of pure oils from natural stimulating spices like cinnamon and ginger to refine, refresh and re-energize.

The Sweetest Duet

This body polisher made of sugar and honey imparts a healthy skin by working simultaneously. Sugar exfoliates while honey moisturizes, making your skin soft, radiant and hydrated.

Mineral Body Polish

Himalayan salt, tangy orange and lemon are combined to create this polish. The exfoliating granules are natural purifiers that remove toxins and tightens skin to improve its texture. The aroma of the citrusy essential oils will also enliven your mood.

Black Terra Reviving Body Buffer

Tea tree, chamomile and ylang ylang are mixed with black mud to make a scrub that unclogs pores, removes trapped dirt and impurities to reveal a youthful, healthy skin.

Lather Bleach

This is prepared using various ingredients like rose water, glycerine etc. to make a lather that is applied very thinly on the skin and left to dry. Once dried, it is lathered up again using sponges and warm water in circulatory motions and washed off in the shower. This leaves the skin clean, fresh and lighter. Regular treatment of this results in glowing skin and lighter body hair.